What Are Our Values?

As professionals, we believe that we have an obligation to support our industries, associations, communities & peers and to conduct ourselves suitably by:

  • Being collaborative, creative, pragmatic and positive
  • Committing to be agents for the change we are wishing for
  • Taking personal responsibility to be a part of a bigger movement to solve this problem

What Is Our Mission?

The GoldMind Project exists to establish a community of like-minded professionals and peers to prepare professionals for the future of work by:

  • Supporting them through their professional transitions
  • Building awareness of and quantifying the assets in the GoldMind
  • Providing inspirational wisdom
  • Inspiring new relationships, challenge new thought and a path forward
  • Encouraging professionals to develop their own solutions and opportunities
  • Support the groundswell of courage to work beyond perceived limits
  • Get the most out of the available professional talent