Are You An Entrepreneur?

To kick off Startup Month, we're pleased to sponsor a questionnaire from Kauffman FastTrac. Take a minute to fill it out, and test your entrepreneurial aptitude:

Kauffman FastTrac, which helps aspiring and established entrepreneurs start and grow companies, offers the following cc This survey is not scientific, but rather a creative and insightful way to see where your traits lie within an entrepreneurial mindset. When you engage in this self-assessment, be honest with yourself. Do you have these traits? If not, think about what you must do to acquire them. There are no wrong answers and the outcome may reveal your preparedness to launch entrepreneurial ventures.



Turning into a business person begins with teaching yourself. You should look before you jump. I exceedingly suggest that before you make any move, you research and get in contact with what you think you need to do. Do My Essay For Me. On the off chance that you need to be an entrepreneur, at that point I would look into what it truly takes to wind up plainly fruitful in that range, however, I will state that you don't have to go to class or get a high instruction to end up noticeably effective.