The GoldMind Project Transformation

The GoldMind Project’s initial event on Dec 7 was very successful. The response has been remarkable; we have had high interest from prospective members and partners, new networking initiatives and even proposals for new opportunities. In order to respect this message from the GoldMind community, we have determined to invest more time in reviewing and developing these prospects in order to further our goals.
As a result, we are deferring the planned Feb event - which, in the long run, is better for all involved!
Let’s be clear: we are not slowing down! We are re-focusing our energies, based on the feedback from the membership, towards defining and solving the problems and barriers that stand in the way of our professional community getting back to work.
The GoldMind Project has just started to gather steam ….
We will begin hosting a series of think tanks and workshops that will ask the community to participate in defining the issues at hand, propose innovative solutions and validate priorities for the GoldMind Project. Look for your invitation shortly.

Gold Mind Event - February 2, 2017

On December 7, 2016, the GoldMind set out to begin a process of personal and professional transition. You explored your passion and discovered your greatest transferable skills.

In the spirit of determined problem resolution, the February event will focus on a series of working and brainstorming sessions to determine exactly what the GoldMind Project should prioritize and how we can provide support for the professional community.

Prospecting The Calgary GoldMind

Date and Venue

DATE: December 7, 2016
PLACE: Telus Convention Center, Macleod Room C/D, 120 - 9th Avenue S.E.
TIME: 1pm – 4pm; followed by reception from 4pm – 6pm at Bank and Baron P.U.B
FOR: Unemployed Calgary professionals and stakeholders concerned
about the future of Calgary’s professional talent pool.
COST: $30 (no charge for professionals in transition)